Our Story


SimplistiCreations specializes in paper cut wall decor and laser cut wood jewelry. I believe there's beauty in simplicity. I hope my creations give you inspiration, whether it’s through big things like intricately cut wall art and inspirational canvases or the small things, like laser cut jewelry. 

For as long as I remember, I've always been a crafter, even at a young age. I remember thinking through my Crayola color choices meticulously, even for a color book. As I got older, I never lost that passion. Though I'm a UX (user experience) designer by day, I still want to keep that creativity alive after my 9-5 job, so I started creating paper cut wall art and laser cut wood jewelry. 

My stress outlet is to craft and to create. For me, crafting is a way to ease my mind of all the planning and thinking ahead I’m always doing.

I’m constantly struggling with keeping things simple and embracing the little things, so I wanted a constant reminder- and that’s where the name, SimplistiCreations, came from. 

Several friends and coworkers have asked if I could make some of my pieces for them and that got me thinking, maybe other people would want this as well. That's when I made the decision to opened an Etsy shop in 2013 as a creative outlet. I wanted to share what motivates me and hopefully, it’ll motivate others to find inspiration in the little things. I make what I love and it’s extremely rewarding to know my items are adding flair and creativity somewhere.


The Faces behind SimplistiCreations


Kat Richards (ladyboss, Creator, photographer)

Always looking for new inspirations and motivations. SimplistiCreations is my way to create art with my hands, something more tangible compared to my digital work at my muggle job. On my free time, I love visiting antique shops, coffee in hand and enjoying the little things in life.


Joel Richards (The Mr., QA & product logistics)

Engineer by trade, he makes sure all the jewelry pieces are the highest quality; he also assists assembling of the most difficult pieces like our Time Turners.. In his free time, he loves home renovation projects.


zoey & ruxin richards (distractors, moral support, snugglers)

Zoey is always there to support us for the long nights of packaging or designing and is the queen of distractions. In her free time, she likes to nap and cuddle.

Ruxin is the mischievous one. Always sniffing packages and getting in the center of all my creations.